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Ice Rinks SOLKAV

Test Service Ltd. is the official representative of the Austrian company Solkav GmbH.

Solkav has a long history in the field of innovative heating and cooling systems, including a specialization in entertainment systems and sports facilities.

Solkav GmbH is one of the first European companies, qualified in the construction of mobile ice facilities. Ice rinks, which in the recent years have become a winter tradition for children and adults in dozens of cities not only in Central and Western Europe, but also in Bulgaria, can be both outdoor and indoor, temporary and permanent (fixed) at any size.

Test Service Ltd. offers designing, delivery, installation and maintenance of both outdoor and indoor ice rinks.

On the territory of Bulgaria, Test Service has installed the winter facilities in Sofia - "Lake Ariana" and "National Theater", as well as the ice rink, which is part of the recently renovated sports complex “Sportna Sofia”.
Temporary ice rinks have been installed in cities of Plovdiv, Stara Zagora, Bourgas, Blagoevgrad, Dobrich, Pazardzhik, Pamporovo.
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